Lobby & Advocacy

Influencing authorities

Policies and laws may be in place in the countries where we work but gaps in their knowledge, adequacy and enforcement continue to greatly affect efforts to prevent and respond to child abuse, neglect, discrimination and exploitation. Through the evidence we generate within our child protection and Skilful Parenting initiatives and through our strategic partnership with Government and CSOs, we aim at influencing African governments to take steps to improve policy environment to foster children’s wellbeing. We also leverage on our convening power to build stronger advocacy alliances and promote shared learning among various organizations to sharpen in -country and regional lobby and advocacy actions. See more from Synergo-Report ICS CPS-Kenya evaluation


Data and evidence underlying the development and implementation of laws, policies and programmes need to be sufficient and reflective of the real issues experienced by children, parents, caregivers, and implementers.  ICS-SP partners with research and academic institutions to conduct studies and rigorous evaluations to build and document evidence that can be framed for deliberation in policy making, enforcement and programme development processes at regional, national and local levels. Check out the Skilful Parenting Research Report 

Cooperation to optimize impact

Cooperation with strategic partners and networks that play a key role in influencing and implementing policies. Partnership with CSOs bring together capacities and expertise in different areas and at different levels.

Apart from optimizing opportunities for linking, learning and collaboration on child protection and Skilful Parenting, ICS-SP plays a major role in strengthening the capacities of individual partners in lobbying and advocacy.

  • In collaboration with others, it is easier to define and frame the advocacy agenda and prioritize the best lobby and advocacy strategy to use.
  • ICS-SP also supports and participates in a number of strategic advocacy networks at regional, national and local level.
  • ICS-SP supports and works in Collaboration with African Child Policy Forum to lobby for the Wellbeing of children in Africa.
  • ICS-SP is the founder of Parenting in Africa Network (PAN), a Pan African platform aimed at promoting policies, laws and programmes on Skilful Parenting in Africa.
  • ICS-SP is the secretary of East and Southern Africa child protection systems working group.
  • NGO CRC in Kenya
  • Technical working group on violence against children
  • Technical working group on child protection systems