Worldwide emergency help

ICS began in 1980 as the International Christian Support Fund, abbreviated as ICS. In the beginning the organization was dedicated to giving emergency help. ICS was active in providing emergency care in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Mozambique, Angola, Somalia, Uganda, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

International Child Support

In 2004 the organization’s name was changed into International Child Support. The reason for this change was to avoid confusion. The old name suggested that ICS only provided support to Christians, when in fact the organization brings aid to those people who need it most, irrespective of their religion, race and/or political convictions.

Investing in Children and their Societies (ICS)

In 2011 the organization’s name was changed to Investing in Children and their Societies (ICS). The reason for this change was to represent our continuous learning, entrepreneurial and innovation culture. This phase, represents growth and shifts in strategy towards more promising social and economic investments in the interest of children, families and their societies.

ICS Now: Strengthening Families, Protecting Children 

ICS is an innovative development organization that promotes the sustainable development and wellbeing of farming communities in Africa. We believe that people will do best if they can tap into their own strength, work independently and take responsibility for their own lives. We have set up 4 local social businesses (Agrics Kenya, Agrics Tanzania, Alzetics Ltd and Geodatics) and a local East African NGO (ICS-SP) as vehicles to boost local economies and promote the upbringing and wellbeing of children and their families.

ICS is headquartered in Amersfoort, Netherlands, ICS -SP in Nairobi, Kenya and there are four field offices in Western Kenya and Northern Tanzania.

Here is Our Constitution