Get licensed

Is your organisation working to alleviate poverty and reduce Violence Against Children in developing countries? The ICS’ Skilful Parenting (SP) training program may just be the addition to your program to positively impact the future of children and families.

The Skilful Parenting program is developed in 2012 by ICS and implemented ever since in Kenya, Tanzania, Cambodia, Nepal and Ivory Coast. More than 30,000 parents have joined the 12 week training so far. The University of Oxford and Universiteit Utrecht both researched the effects of the training on parents and children with successful outcomes.

The SP training and certification program assists practitioners to effectively deliver Skilful Parenting & Child Protection intervention to parents and caregivers across a range of service delivery models and contexts. By training parents, returning to the basis of family dynamics, touching on among other topics Roles & Responsibilities, Child Protection and Communication, development practitioners can positively affect the future of children and families.

Are you interested in getting an SP license to be able to implement the training yourself? Feel free to contact Marijke Acket, Portfolio Manager Skilful Parenting, by sending an email