The COVID -19 Effect on Children

Despite not being the face of COVID -19, children bear the greatest cost of the virus that has left all learning institutions in Kenya closed indefinitely. Besides expressing their concerns about disruptions in their academic calendar, these voices of children drawn from the Western Kenya region show a worried innocent population that call for our collective intervention.

Working in collaboration with the Kenyan national and county governments, our sentization interventions that target children, parents and the general public on the spread of, and the preventive measures for COVID 19 have played a pivotal role in enlighting the population on this global pandemic. We use the print and electronic media to sensitize and empower the public to be active participants in the preventive efforts that are aimed at flattening the curve in regards to the level of COVID 19 infection. We are determined to scale up community sensitization on COVID 19, issuance of masks and proper sensitization on hygiene measures like hand washing, sanitization and social distancing. 

Click HERE to listen to the voices of these innocent children that are caught up in the middle of the global pandemic.