Positive research results University of Oxford

A Randomized Control Trial (RCT) study conducted by the University of Oxford, University of Glasgow and National Institute of Medical Research in Tanzania has examined the effects of ICS’ Skilful Parenting and Agribusiness programs in reducing the risk of child maltreatment in impoverished farming communities in rural Tanzania. Preliminary results show impact has been positive, visible in several aspects of the lives of parents and their children. 

Parenting programs have been shown to reduce the risk of violence against children and improve child wellbeing. However, existing evidence is mostly derived from parenting programs in high-income countries. There is limited documented evidence of the effects of parenting programs in low- and middle-income countries. These positive findings not only support current literature on the importance of combining parenting and economic interventions but also make an important contribution to the knowledge and practice of reducing violence against children in low resource settings in Africa. 

By combining Agribusiness with parenting training, we aim to improve both the economic as well as the social situation of the family. Results of the study suggest that both our Skilful Parenting and Agrics’ program were culturally acceptable, something ICS-SP strives for, and have had a positive impact on the enrolled beneficiaries. More specifically, this study has confirmed that the Skilful Parenting program in combination with Agrics’ training program has reduced child maltreatment, evidenced through;  

1. Improved parent-child interaction
2. Improved behavior of children
3. Reduced parent-child conflict, thereby reducing use of corporal punishment
4. Increased awareness by parents on how to provide for their children’s needs
5. Improved planning for family resources

An interesting outcome, is the fact that the agribusiness program alone, though improving the economic position of a family, does not yield positive results on child wellbeing. This positive social impact is accomplished by our parenting program.

Read or download a resume of the Oxford study outcomes.

Have a look at the video below, made by UBS Optimus, on our combined approach in Tanzania: