Skilful Parenting

All parents want to be good parents and to raise healthy and successful children. Raising children is not always easy, certainly not when poverty, violence, inaccessible basic services and great inequality between men and women are part of your daily life. The Skilful Parenting program developed by ICS helps fathers, mothers and other caregivers in rural areas of East Africa in raising children. Our innovative Skilful Parenting program is based on the theory of planned behavior change and is implemented through seven tested modules.

The program is definitely not a lesson on ‘how it should be’. Rather, it gives parents insight into how children develop. By way of group discussions and practical assignments, parents and caregivers are invited to reflect on their role in their children’s’ growth and developmental process. To sustainably address the socio –economic needs of families, Skilful Parenting interventions are combined with well target economic intervention that address household income and food security. The Skilful Parenting program provides a foundation to address virtually any parenting outcome in the context of maternal and newborn health, ECD, Education, VAWG, sexual reproductive health and HIV/AIDS.

Effects Skilful Parenting scientifically proved

In 2014 and 2015 two researchers from the University of Utrecht looked into the effects the training program had on families in Western Kenya. The results are particularly positive. The program has had a clear impact: parents feel more capable and self-confident and have become more aware of the supportive role they play in the social, emotional and mental development of their children. Communications between parenting partners and their children has changed as well, which has improved the interaction and cooperation among family members. Moreover, parents are using less physical punishment and more often choosing a positive alternative to correcting behavior in their children.

Impact of Skilful Parenting and Agribusiness approach

In 2015 -2016 the University of Oxford together with NIMR and University of Glasgow conducted a Randomized Control Trial (RCT) on the effects of Skilful Parenting in combination with agricultural support for families in Tanzania. The final results show positive impact especially with regard to reduction of child maltreatment. A total of 248 parents were involved in the research, extracted from eight different villages. Here is new evidence showing the Impact of Skilful Parenting and Agribusiness approach. Have a look at the video below, made by UBS Optimus, on our combined approach in Tanzania:

Skilful Parenting factsheet

Download our Skilful Parenting factsheet for all information.

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