Beatrice Ogutu - Director

Raising children is not always easy, certainly not when poverty, food insecurity, violence, inaccessible basic and financial services and great inequality between men and women are part of your daily life.  That is the reality for a significant number of families in rural Africa.  At ICS SP, I lead a team of committed professionals to craft creative solutions to these complex development challenges and to expand enabling environments where families and children thrive and live in dignity.

I am a mom, the Co –founder of Parenting in Africa Network – A coalition of organizations that promote policies and programs for families and the Co-Founder of Wima Library- a community library in rural Kenya that aims to promote literacy and quality education among disadvantaged children. 

I hold an MBA and an undergraduate degree in environmental studies, planning and management and have 15 years of experience in transforming lives in various African Countries. 

Besides working, I love spending time with family, meeting people with smart ideas and traveling whenever I can.

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